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Year 11 Day 45 10:48
Jahat Volrath

I was just wondering why a weapon of this type isn't available for production? Aside from the fact that weapons aren't activated yet for combat, but it would seem like an auto gun would be good for securing locations.

I searched for this topic with no success so if it has been beaten to death already just point me to the thread.

Year 11 Day 45 11:11
Have you seen one used in SW canon?


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Year 11 Day 45 11:37
Aside from Hal's empty example (did you ever see a toilet used in SW canon? doesn't mean they don't exist!), we could go on forever about what is in canon that isn't yet here. There's a gazillion items/weapons/ships that we could make the argument for. Point is, if it's not here now, wait until R&D or new CP lists or whatnot. Otherwise, carry on.

Year 11 Day 45 18:53
Have you seen one used in SW canon? 


In KOTOR, you constantly have to get past these.

Thats just one of several sources.

Year 11 Day 45 19:04
They were also in the Jedi Knight series (at least Jedi Outcast, and I believe Dark Forces II as well).

One thing I thought was, with delayed real time (taking hours to walk a few city squares) it would seem a bit unbalanced to be able to shoot people as soon as they're in range when you aren't even around.

Year 11 Day 45 19:48
The phrase you're looking for, Han, is droid turrets. And games are frequently considered less than canon in many aspects.

And Drex, you'll also note we don't have toilets in SWC, unless someone CPed one as a functionless custom item.

Year 11 Day 45 20:01
Hal, what you said was part of my point. anyways...

Overall point made I think in regards to the thread.

Year 11 Day 46 8:56
Jahat Volrath

Thanks for the input, I would assume that it would be an R&D item on of the existing tri-pod weapons. To be honest, what sparked this thought was the auto-weapons used on battlefront 2, so it was something I looked to see if was even available.

Just a good security weapon to have to protect your assets.

Year 11 Day 46 9:19
I was wondering if that was where you got it from :) probably the hoth level where you blow up a couple hundred :P

Year 11 Day 46 13:01
Jahat Volrath

I was wondering if that was where you got it from :) probably the hoth level where you blow up a couple hundred :P 

that's the one.