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Year 11 Day 45 18:17
Imam Ferro

For the past two hours my ETA has said 1D 5H 39M, I started travelling yesterday and my ETA was 2days and something...As I write this now, My ETA does change, for example now it is 1D 5H 37M...But, when I refresh or go to another page, it is back to being 1D 5H 39M... What is happening?

Year 11 Day 45 19:18
I second that...stuck in eternal ascending.

Year 11 Day 45 19:18
Jack Kitcher

I've been having the exact same problem today, Imam. I should have arrived at my destination hours ago, but I seem to be stuck where I am.

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Year 11 Day 45 19:33
I am sure they know of the issue. Not sure whats going on, but have been told it happens from time to time in the Combine. Just be patient guys.

Year 11 Day 45 19:59
Me too. cannot cross terrain since the timer seems stuck

Year 11 Day 45 20:37
Imam Ferro

Grablablabla! Mabey our characters are taking a little nap on their rather long trips.

Year 11 Day 45 20:57
Yep, bug has been reported by many people in the BugBase. Presumably the devs are working on a way to fix it. OR they are sleeping, one of the two.

Year 11 Day 45 21:04
Imam Ferro

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell....As long as there aren't any xp losses......

Year 11 Day 45 21:30
I am at least glad that I am not alone in this.

Year 11 Day 45 22:18
I have been stuck trying to travel a single square with an ETA of 1 Minute for hours. I hope they can fix this soon.

Year 11 Day 46 1:04
'tis fixed y'all.

Year 11 Day 46 5:20
Will the travel times be corrected? While mine seems to be fixed the ETA is behind a few hours from when I started.

Year 11 Day 46 8:19
No, it was simply halted. It was only 12 hours maximum or so - not that long in the grand scheme of things.

Year 11 Day 49 0:50
my ETA reached 0 seconds but nothing happens :(

Year 11 Day 49 8:41
If the timer hits 0 seconds, then it doesn't necessarily mean you have arrived. Because of the way things are coded, that timer is updated when ever you open a new page, then it counts down itself without referring to the database. When you open a new page it looks back at it and corrects itself. Best to leave if a few minutes after that to make sure then check. If it still hasn't let you arrive after about 5-10 minutes I would post on the bug base so the admins can have a look and fix it.

Year 11 Day 49 9:34
i didnt understand....what exactly should i do ?

Edited By: Ebra Eladdad on Year 11 Day 49 9:37
Year 11 Day 50 16:07
The travel tick runs every 3 minutes. If you've been stuck for more than 3 minutes, report it on the bugbase. If you've arrived... hurrah?