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Year 11 Day 46 11:53
Ezrakh Rhuk

Whare may I find a good application to display scanning xmls?

Year 11 Day 46 17:54
Your best bet would be to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML, then write a simple HTML document to display them. I bet you could come up with something pretty nice if you work at it.

Heck, in the future I might make an SWC XML reader and sell it or something.

Year 11 Day 46 18:02
Imam Ferro

totally of topic...How the hell do you get avatars that move, like how do u do that? the flashing eyes or the shooting gun? They are totally Bad Ass!

Year 11 Day 46 19:23
It's a GIF image. Get someone who knows how to make them - there are plenty of topics in the Commerce forum.

Year 11 Day 48 14:52
Korvas Varik

Well Bromley if you ever manage to get one made, let me know

Year 11 Day 48 18:23
After I'm finished with my purple skin for SWC, and I'm done putting customs on all my ships, I'll get to work on an XML reader for SWC.