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Year 11 Day 52 7:04
Last few weeks or so.

Year 11 Day 52 19:00
Odd, I've had no trouble at all....

Year 11 Day 53 6:32
Luna Vox

If you've had no trouble at all with it Arke then I suggest you copy a paste the events for us who would like them.

Personally I don't see how you could since it was a system-wide bug.

Year 11 Day 53 6:56
Well what did the bug look like? Did "Events in Brief" not load proporly or did It appear as a white box or what?

Year 11 Day 53 8:09
Its been fixed for the last week or so. The previous couple of weeks were hit. The flash news was just an empty, black box. Besides the flash news only shows events from the previous 7 days I believe, and they are not stored for retrieval later through the library like the player made posts are.

Year 11 Day 53 11:08
The events were not inserted into the database at all. Thus, there's no way to retrieve them.

Year 11 Day 53 18:03
Err, ok...all I noticed was a lack in flashnews events.

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