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Year 11 Day 46 19:03
Imam Ferro

I heard that the combine wanted music clips of original music? Is that a false rumor? If not, I do hapen to create my own songs which fit the sci-fi theme. (Non Lyrical). But then again, this may only be a rumor?

Year 11 Day 46 19:26
We don't have any plans to add music into the game, as far as I've ever heard. It would get repetitive and annoying.

Year 11 Day 46 19:31
Mikel I think he is refering to the Musician NPC. There was a call out when it was being implemented for people to send in some MIDI files (I think). Imam, your best bet is to go back and have a look at that Sim News post (you'll have to use the archive option to go back and have a look for it) and find out who it said to contact.

If you can't find it, go bug Jesfa, I'm sure he'll find out who it should go to.

Year 11 Day 46 19:36
Imam Ferro

Allright, and yes that is what I heard...I apreciate your help... Not Mr. Von Bitchy's... But being rude deserves rude remark :p (Not just the remark here, but in the other threads aswell)

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Year 11 Day 46 21:42
Cute. And childish.

I've seen more than enough suggestions about "add hyperspace entrance noises!" and "we need background music!" to be wary of mentions of musical additions to the game.

Year 11 Day 47 0:05
Kyria adds background music to the combine all the time, it's called her I-Pod!