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Year 11 Day 46 19:28
Imam Ferro

How do you make one of those fancy moving images?

Year 11 Day 46 21:30
You could use Macromedia Flash MX to make moving GIF images. What did you have in mind? It will do the PNG ones to...I'm only saying Macromedia because thats what I have.

I don't know what other programs are out there that can do animated stuff.

Edited By: Arke Surthan on Year 11 Day 47 2:42
Year 11 Day 46 21:32
You need an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP. GIMP is better, because it's free. A simple internet search should tell you everything else you need to know.

But a better option than animated .GIFs is animated .PNGs, which you only need the APNG edit Firefox extension for to do. I strongly recommend animated .PNGs over .GIFs, they're so much better.

Year 11 Day 47 0:06
If you don't like Firefox there are other programs that do Animated pngs. Kyria does use firefox but doesn't like the addin for making Apngs. So she uses japng-editor, a nice little java script apng assembly tool. it's freeware.

Year 11 Day 47 1:45
The problem with animated PNGs is that it's not an established standard and, as far as I am aware, few browsers display them correctly.

Year 11 Day 47 9:29
As Togan said really only one browser out of the many seems to show them correctly. SO if you do use them, you'll just have to be prepared for a lot of people not being able to see aything beyond the first frame.

Year 11 Day 47 13:43
Imam Ferro

Okay, thanks everyone for your imput!