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Year 11 Day 49 16:26
Kavac La`Cthulhu

1. What happened to Laboi?

1.8/ Laboi
Use: Lightsabers

Laboi is one of the more uncommon minerals in the galaxy, and as such its use is very limited. Laboi, which is cooled off molten rock, can be used only in the process of creating a lightsaber.

- The Rules

(bolded for emphasis)

However, looking at the lightsabers that FS players can produce...none of them needs even 1 Laboi? What will this RM be used for, if I may ask, if lightsaber construction is not its purpose despite the rules stating such?

2. Can weapons production factions R&D/Reverse-Engineer lightsabers once the feature comes out to be able to produce these things via datacard?

Part of me thinks probably not, but another part says they are in essence a producable item(with the power implemented now) so just like any item in the game it'd make some sense to be able to despite the risk of probably losing the weapon in question in the process.

Year 11 Day 49 16:54
Sim Karr

I can't answer the first question. But as to the second, a resounding no! Applying your theory I would say look at canon history. The Jedi/Sith were around pretty much forever yet there was not one situation where the lightsaber was produced.

Also consider the fact that Jedi and lightsabers are supposed to be rare. If everyone could be (a Jedi) or had one (a lightsaber) then it wouldn't be awesome. The admins do a great job of keeping it in balance.

Edited By: Sim Karr on Year 11 Day 49 16:54
Year 11 Day 49 16:54
Laboi will most likely be used for upgrades in the future.

And no, there's no intent that I know to allow reverse-engineering and mass-production of lightsabers. That would basically subvert what we tried to accomplish by limiting Jedi to only 1 saber each. =P

Year 11 Day 49 17:17
Kavac La`Cthulhu

1. Ok, nice to know it still has a planned use.

2. I figured that would be a big no, but it was worth asking. At least those in the business of making blasters or sharpened lengths of durasteel won't have to worry about market competition from factions pumping laser swords out of assembly lines.

Year 11 Day 50 14:24
Not to mention that constructing lightsabers requires a Force skill. That'd make it tough for a non-FS'er to reverse-engineer one.