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Year 11 Day 50 4:00
How would one move a Batcha Tank? Most characters would be unable to lift it as it wieghs 100kg. You would need level 4 strength to be able to carry one. What other means of moving a Batcha Tank are there?

Year 11 Day 50 4:16
For heavy items like safes and bacta tanks, anti-grav sleds are almost exclusively the only way to move them.

Ironically, I lack the strength to lift a safe, yet I can lift a cargo container containing two safes. Following this train of thought, if the bacta tank is in a cargo container, then it'd be easier to lift by weaker characters.

Year 11 Day 50 4:43
How do you get the Batcha Tank on the Anti-grav lift or into a cargo container?

Edited By: Arke Surthan on Year 11 Day 50 4:44
Year 11 Day 50 5:43
When its produced they come in cargo containers. As for putting it on a sled, simply choose to stow it on the sled - you're not strong enough to carry it, but you can pick it up anyway.