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Archives » Space Station permission question
Is there no General/Inventory/whatever event generated when you submit a station build permission? Something that the person submitting the request would see?

I just submitted a request to build a station and the only confirmation that I did it is "Done." I know the faction that I submitted it to will see the event, assuming it worked, but I would have thought that I would see one too. Maybe just something like "You have submitted a request to build a XXXXXXX station at (X, Y)."

Does anyone know?

You can go to the Stations Permissions page to view all your pending station requests (and those of your faction if you have privs).

Year 11 Day 51 13:43
It didn't show any under station permission for me and I had done it twice by accident. I only found out it had worked by receiving a DM from the leader of the faction that controls the system. He informed me that there were 2. There was no other indication anywhere I could see.

Year 11 Day 51 14:16
Christopher Eagles

is an event not generated to inform the requetee that their station/build request was submitted successfully?

Year 11 Day 51 21:27
Helena Gladio


And no event when someone asks permission too.

I have seen a faction event before when someone submitted a request but it would be nice to have some kind of event for the individual to say that the request was submitted successfully. Especially because, in my case anyway, the Station Permissions screen did not show that I had submitted a request. It was completely blank, hence the reason I submitted 2 for the same location thinking it hadn't worked the first time.

Anyway, since this isn't a suggestion forum (maybe this should be submitted there?) and my question has been answered I guess this topic can be closed.