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Archives » Stuck in a ship thats not moving.
Year 11 Day 52 12:33
Saint Solidus

I recently took a ship to curoscant, and i departed, only I cant enter the cockpit, and the message under speed sais "not traveling-max speed 8km/h", I;ve been on teh ship for a day or so now, how can I get off of this thing?

Year 11 Day 52 12:55
What is the name of the ship?

Did you try contacting the pilot of the ship?

Year 11 Day 52 12:58
Saint Solidus

The starspeeder 3000 star tours, and yeah i tried, the pilot is an rx droid.

Year 11 Day 52 13:00
Ka`rla Leakey

Also the information not being given is whether or not you used NPC Transport in which case you cannot enter the cockpit as you are not pilot.

The speed you can see is your own movement and not the ships hence why max speed is only 8Km/h. Move around the ship and look at the room descriptions as one should say what the ships ETA is if it is NPC ship.

Year 11 Day 52 21:05
You must be this tall to ride Star Tours (Posted by Avid Soyak on Year 11 Day 48)
Well, NPC transport has messed up for a few people recently. They are now off the Star Tours 3000 and are aboard the Dionysus, an Admin ship. Your my guests! See your Room Events, that flashing yellow door up above, and you will see the message that I sent you.

I will be transporting these people to their destinations from Star Tours. Any other players that are stuck, please feel free to Darkness message me, thats the lil envelope above too, and we will work this out right away.

- Avid Soyak

Looks like if your on that Star Tours ship, there's a bug with the system. Best chance is to contact Avid.