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Year 11 Day 53 17:16
Lokin Cylas

I just purchased some and they've yet to be credited to my account. Excuse my being impatient. Is there a bug currently and if so will I be credited at a later date?

Lokin Cylas

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Year 11 Day 53 17:27
Sim Karr

How could it help other people if they don't know what the answer was to the question?

Year 11 Day 53 17:30
Gunther Innis Tennor

CPs are not purchased, when you donate to SWC you are rewarded with CPs. This is a manual process so you need to wait for Veynom to process before receiving your reward.

Year 11 Day 53 22:34
It's manual again? I thought he made it automated quite some time ago.

Year 11 Day 53 22:58
Best thing to do is send an email to Veynom as hes the only one who can sort out the problem. Give him as much detail as you can so its easier for him to find.

Year 11 Day 53 23:01
Paypal is supposed to be automated, I believe.


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Year 11 Day 54 7:45
Gunther Innis Tennor

I was referring to the actual CP rewarding.

Year 11 Day 54 8:19
Yea when you pay via Paypal the reward is auto or it was when I donated last.

Year 11 Day 54 21:15
Lokin Cylas

I'll send him an e-mail but, I've waited a day and I still have yet to receive the CPs.

Year 11 Day 54 21:28
Zero Turner

Usually the CP's are instantaneous via paypal, but you need to give Veynom more than a day, maybe 4-5 days for a response, then send another email (if you haven't all ready) one just in case it may have gone to his spam e-mail or simply overlooked.