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Archives » Question on error displayed in cockpit
Dear all,
Today I entered a ship that was assigned to me and immediately head for the cockpit to fly off for my 1st mission.. however, when I was in the cockpit, i noticed the error being displayed. There is no other action button available, thus, making it impossible to fly the ship. Can someone advice me on my next course of action, pls? Thank you so much.

Not Found

The requested URL /members/character/position/CharFrameActionsDetails.php was not found on this server.
Apache Server at www.swcombine.com Port 80

Regards from a noob who is still learning about the game,

Probably best to take that to the bug base. But looking at that, you are in the position page - you would need to be in the Enter Cockpit page to be able to fly the ship around. So long as you managed to reach the cockpit room in the Position page that is.

Hiya Ellias,

Thanx for replying.. However, I would like to say that I am in the cockpit already.. and that is where i spot the error.. I'll bring this question to bug base, as you suggested. Thank you.


This issue should be fixed now, as said on the recent Sim News post.