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Year 11 Day 54 13:48
Med factions currently only get one Mebulon DC. Do these accumulate when factions merge or are DCs > 1 lost? For example,

If A and B merge, and neither have used their Mebulon DC, does the resulting faction have two Mebulon DCs?
If A and B merge, and A has used their datacard but B hasn't (or vice versa), does the resulting faction have one Mebulon DC? Does it depend on which direction the merger is in?

Year 11 Day 54 18:08
Depends - does the Med Neb DC count as a medical DC or a ship DC? Since DCs that don't match the faction type are lost when merging, as per the rules.

And Orph, for your second part, yes it does matter. There was 2 medical factions that merged a little while back. One had used up theirs and the other hadn't. They messed up and the one that had it merged into the one that didn't, and they lost the DC. I guess that would also answer the first part too. So merging will mean that the DC in the faction that is merging will be lost, probably due to the rule above in the faction merging rules.

Year 11 Day 54 20:07
Yeha, only one DC usage per faction, and has been made to counter the merges so people can get twenty

Oh, and Orph, whats a Mebulon? ;)

Year 11 Day 54 21:01
A "Mebulon" is the Medicae-class Nebulon.

Year 11 Day 55 13:44
I think Avid's wink at the end meant he knows what a Mebulon is.

Year 11 Day 55 14:14
Sim Karr

Let Bromley have his moment. ;)