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Year 11 Day 56 8:44
The banner in the lower left, MMORPG 150, Vote Now!.
this banner opens a new browser window behind my current, I did not notice it at first, but if your window is full screen you will not see it, it slows everything down and new people might not notice, I didn't.
Is there a way to get it to stop doing that?

Year 11 Day 56 16:29
DOn't click on it maybe? It only appears when you click those voting links, so presumably your clicking them and then voting. Then you can close it down. Also, opening a new window slows down your computer? Are you running an obsolete 10 year old computer, because that really shouldn't make that much of a difference to running speeds.

Year 11 Day 56 21:20
No I'm running a mac with OS X .5.8
It is only the one banner, and I figured if it opens a new WINDOW, behind the one you are on, it's sneaky and just wrong. The window has no effect on your voting what so ever but having a second window open that is running flash and adds that you are not aware of does slow down your computers cpu. Anyone know that.

I am not trying to be a pain just think it is wrong, and that someone should know. Sorry.
And not to be rude but if you can not answer a question with constructive helpful advice, DON'T answer.

Edited By: Oni Ra on Year 11 Day 56 22:12
Year 11 Day 57 1:03
SO its opening another window in addition to the normal voting window? In which case a normal pop-up stopper should prevent it - I know I've never had an issue like you are explaining.

ANd yes it may slow down your compute, but generally one window doesn't slow down most modern computers to a noticable degree, unless you already have a bunch of them open anyway.