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Archives » Also stuck in an unkown position in a ship that isnt moving
So, I have had this combine account for a couple years now,l but am only starting to really use it now. I have been stuck inside this Y-Wing KMS Omega 12, out in the middle of space, and I dont know how to find out where I am so a friend can come pick me up, as I cannot enter the cockpit. I would appreciate any help or advice from anyone. Please and thank you.ΒΈ

Neva Balliol

There should be a button in your position screen that allows you to send a message to the ship's owner. It's possible that he/she will provide you with the ship's location so you can be picked up.

If the ship's owner doesn't reply within a reasonable amount of time, send an email to assistants@swcombine.com with a detailed description of your problem. If the owner is unwilling to let you leave the ship, you will most likely be able to drop your current character and create a new one after a short waiting period.

Its been sorted Togan - he just posted in a large number of places.