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Archives » Ship production and stats
Year 11 Day 57 9:28
Hopefully this is a simple question:

Shouldn't a pair of ships, being built in a shipyard, that are 87% complete be showing SOME kind of stats by now? If I remember right from the Rules, at 75% most of the stats should be there but neither of these has anything.

Am I just wrong, or is this something that should be reported?

Year 11 Day 57 9:30
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

They turned off the progressive stat increase a while ago.

Year 11 Day 57 10:14
I did not know that...

Well, that explains it then. Thank you ma'am. :)

Year 11 Day 57 19:29
Yeah - the progressive stat thing was causing all the problems with production that we had a while back. Khan switched that bit off for the moment so we can at least produce things. I would guess he will take a look at it later when he has a chance.

Year 11 Day 57 21:28
Well, seeing as how you can't do anything with a ship that is not completed then it works out just fine.

All this being said, the Rules still mentions the progressive thing. Shouldn't there be some kind of update to the Rules explaining that, unless it should be swapped back soon?

Year 11 Day 58 18:46
Aye, we should update the rules page to say it's been turned off.

Could someone post a note in the Rules Update forum please?

Year 11 Day 59 3:01