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Year 11 Day 58 11:40
Chancy Mandu

I'm not sure if this has been posted elsewhere I couldn't see it anwhere.

I'm having a problem starting a mine. I haves checked all the requirements and I meet them all.
However when I try to start the mine I get the message that I don't meet the requirements to mine. Is this a current known issue or Am I missing somthing. I have checked the rules and have done nothing wrong as far as I can see.


Year 11 Day 58 11:49
Sim Karr

For us to help you we would need a step-by-step of what you've done so far. :)
Otherwise best to make a report in the Bug Base.

Year 11 Day 58 11:51
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Does a faction own the mine?

Year 11 Day 58 13:23
Chancy Mandu


Faction owns mine, mining faction is manager, operator is in mining faction, building is powered. Npcs are present, owned by faction (also tried with the operator as owner of npc's)

Year 11 Day 58 18:49
Have you set the NPCs as assigned to the mine? SHould be the third button along with the status etc there.

Year 11 Day 59 0:42
Ka`rla Leakey

Being part of a mining faction I see this error a lot when trying to start our mines. Only way i ever get them to start is having us as manager as well as owner on the mine.

Year 11 Day 59 1:29
Chancy Mandu

Yeah, I have set the npc's to the mine.

Its very strange, as I started another mine only a few days ago, with the same set up as I have now. which is why I though it was a possible bug.

Year 11 Day 59 8:24
Chancy Mandu

Is up on the bug list.

it would apear the only way to fix this problem is make over the mine to the mining faction.

thank you all for help.