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Year 11 Day 59 7:37
Greetings! I'd like to do some shopping around Combine Online store. Will i get any combine points for that? In the CP rules there aren't specified any so guess not but would like to be sure. Also tell me if they might come soon.
Thank you!

Year 11 Day 59 7:58
Combine Online Store? Does that even exist?

Year 11 Day 59 8:06
Yep! This is it :)
some stuff looks funny around and I'd like to purchase. If they reword me with CP as well I'll be more convinced :D Still not a word about it in the CP page...

Year 11 Day 59 8:36
Korvas Varik

Aye, I agree. I would be more inclined to purchase if there were some sort of CP bonus involved

Year 11 Day 59 8:49
Is that still even working? Probably best to wait until one of the admins pops up before trying anything there.

Year 11 Day 59 12:21
Seems the Admins are not crowding to answer this topic. Maybe they forgot about this shop too. :)...hm... expected more fans for the combine MUG :) I'd love my next morning coffee in one... but if it would also bring the CP... yuuummm....

Year 11 Day 60 11:30
Talked to the guys on the #SWC-Help about this... they were surprised too :)
(they even joked about giving me CPs for not buying stuff here..) Sorry SWC mug dreamers... seems topic can be closed/moved/burned/blew up...anything...I'll order my Sailor Moon mug now...(the second wished gift...)

Year 11 Day 60 14:40
Since it's Cafe Press, the store should work. I doubt you'll ever get CPs though.

Year 11 Day 62 16:00
I'd think that you wouldnt get Combine points for it. As far as the SWC_Help channel people saying dont buy it... I want names! Thats my kids college fund! damn you all!.

Year 11 Day 62 16:24
Ryan Roche

I don't think the store is active. You can buy, but does anyone actually holds any of these shirts/mugs/hats/books and are willing to sell for CPs?

Year 11 Day 62 21:48
It used to be on the CP pages ages ago, but was dropped. It IS an official thing. I remember mocking the SWC thong.

Year 11 Day 63 7:54
I remember rocking the SWC thong....>.>