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Year 11 Day 59 18:49
May or may not be correct place to post this but...
I'm currently travelling in system. That's fine. The trouble is, when ever the ETA counts down to, or close to, zero, it reverts back to 19 minutes. Not sure why this is happening, probably just a bug, so I'll just patiently wait for feedback or a fix on this.

Year 11 Day 59 18:52
Me too. I tried to travel a small path but i am stuck about 2 or three ours! I am almost sure that is a bug!

Year 11 Day 59 19:44
mine will count down to 1min then it gose back to 56 min

Year 11 Day 59 19:46
Xrati Zee

Same problem on ground movement, but I can't access the travel menu to try and abort movement. Just stuck at 54min for the last three hours.

Edited By: Xrati Zee on Year 11 Day 59 19:46
Year 11 Day 59 19:50
I have opened up a bugbase report for this "stuck in sublight" ... just post there.

Year 11 Day 59 22:15
See the Sim News - its been fixed. Again.

Year 11 Day 60 10:39
But ground travel has gone back to being screwy.