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Year 11 Day 60 5:24
Skelzie Fraxx

hey, im set to travel and it say ETA is 2 hour... then i come back after more than 2 hour and i see my character is on the roof.. i try to travel somewhere but cant!!

it say:
Journey Ending
Destination: (, )


plus this game is boring... what can i do beside just traveling?
where to work? training? buy weapon? fighting? mission?

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Year 11 Day 60 5:58
Sim Karr

Skelzie, sorry mate I'm going to tag along on your thread here.

I also have a member in my faction, Zaria Batch, who was in a hover boat and got stuck on a roof of a building and is in a continual travel mode. I don't have her location because she is travelling. I have also told her to report it as a bug.

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Year 11 Day 60 6:54
I would guess its a result of the travel bug we had. Best thing to do would be to go to the bug base and make a report.

Skelzie, there are other things you can do other than travelling. Your best bet would be to contact a facion and see if what they do is what interests you. However there generally will be lots of travelling whatever you decide to do. Its a part of this game to allow people from all around the planet to react to others.

Year 11 Day 62 11:35
Skelzie Fraxx

i cant login at bug base using swc account..

or i should create a new account at bug base?

Year 11 Day 62 11:57
yes, bug base uses separate accounts.