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Year 11 Day 60 17:37
I've been having problems with the swcombine server being really sluggish lately, I'm not sure if this is just me or everyone is experiencing it, but i just thought I'd bring your attention to this matter.

And a test that i ran on another site produced this result:
Your page loaded in 25.426 seconds at 1 kilobytes per second.

That site was loading http://www.swcombine.com/community/features.php

Is this issue being looked into, Or is it on my end?

Year 11 Day 60 19:38
Generally the server gets really slow around 17:00 SWC time. This is because they run the daily jobs routine then. If its getting sluggish at any other time, then its probably something to do with the number of database requests that are being performed (people opening inventories, etc). It happens, but I think I've see that the devs are looking at new servers which hopefully can take a higher strain and so less slow periods.

Year 11 Day 60 23:40
As Ellias hinted at, we're seeing activity maintain near 600 people during peak hours recently. Our current servers weren't designed with that in mind, and I believe there's an upgrade in the future that will allow us to better handle large numbers of online players.

Year 11 Day 63 22:30
Christian Hall

Great we are growing!