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Year 11 Day 61 10:54
I signed my account up and got the approved email giving me my account handle and the default pass but the pass doesn't work. I tried the lost pass link but it says my account wasn't activated. Not sure what I should do here.

Year 11 Day 62 1:55
Are you sure you received an acceptance email? Usually you get a confirmation email that tells you that your account request was received. Once it has been processed, you should get another email with your initial password.

If the Lost Password feature states that your account is still pending, then that's the case and you'll have to wait until someone has time to process it.

Year 11 Day 62 10:15
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Jodu Tike
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Year 11 Day 62 10:17
yeah Im sure I entered the default pass they sent me and the said it was invalid.

Year 11 Day 62 11:00
Tried the lost password feature?

If you use it you can reset the password you have and a new one will be sent to your email.

Year 11 Day 62 12:38
I tried the lost pass link but it says my account wasn't activated.

- OP


OP, what is your handle? That might help track your problem.

Year 11 Day 62 13:39
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Jodu Tike
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Year 11 Day 62 13:44
And then he'd potentially get banned if it's just a glitch and his previous account was accepted. Brilliant move there, Jodu.

The people who can see the applications and members are handling it now. They just need the requested handle and/or e-mail address used. =p

Year 11 Day 62 13:46
Yeah I tried remaking an account with the same email but it says that a user is already registered under that email. The handle is Kedu Reme.

Year 11 Day 62 16:03
Did you check your spam/junk folders of your email? That may be the reason you ddint see it

Year 11 Day 63 0:47
No I didn't check because I found the email it says that its approved but when I use the password they set for me it says that the account isnt activated.

Year 11 Day 63 3:52
As was said before, what's your handle? That will allow us to check whether your account was actually approved or is still pending.

Year 11 Day 63 8:53
And as I replied above its Kedu Reme.

Year 11 Day 63 9:07
Sorry, must have read over that. Your account hasn't been approved yet, if you received an email stating that your account has been approved, could you forward it to togan@swcombine.com so I can investigate the matter?

Year 11 Day 66 2:38
Only prblem I have had so far is that my Desired Handle was refused... Feel a little disappointed but maybe I had typed it wrong...

I did want to use a character name I have used in numerous RPG's of late, both Online and on the table top "Malachite Dawn" but sadly it was refused.

I do hope my New Handle that I have submitted will be OK! I have now used two Names form one of my other pet hobbies to create my handle.

I am looking forward to teh experience as I am hearing a lot of good things about your community.