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Year 11 Day 61 10:56
How do I select what planet I start on? I have looked all over the combine, and can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I click on "Select a starting location", and a list of possible starting places comes up, but all I see is Korunaan Space Station on A'Fel. I have already joined a group, and they want me to start somewhere else. How do I do this?

Year 11 Day 61 19:54
If you have joined a faction, their HQ should come up as a starting location. If it isn't then its likely they have not set it up to be able to spawn people. Tell them that the HQ needs to be powered, and the faction iteself needs to be set as manager of the HQ.

You are choosing the right place, but obviously the option you want is not available. If the faction has got it set up right, then its possible its a bug that needs reporting.

Year 11 Day 64 10:21
Thanks, that did it

Year 11 Day 64 18:05
If there is no Starting Point showing for your current-faction, you need to request that they have one assigned. Sometimes they balance the HQs around if you're in an Umbrella Faction or one of the lowerarchical factions within.

Year 11 Day 66 14:53
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