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Year 11 Day 61 11:35
Alright, I'm looking at the position screen, and on the right is my little personal data assistant screen. It says my weight capacity 0.02 of 0.07. That means I'm carrying something that weighs 0.05, right? My strength level is two, by the way. And my volume capacity is 6 of 7.

Now, if I am indeed carrying something, then why can I not find whatever that item is in the item section of the position screen?

If I'm not carrying anything, why is my weight capacity only 0.02 instead of at the max (for my level) of 0.07?

Year 11 Day 62 11:01
Sounds like a bug. Are you sure you aren't carrying or wearing anything?

If not, head over to the bug base and post a bug and we'll look into what's causing those odd numbers.

Year 11 Day 62 15:54
Deleted Post
Deleted by Avid Soyak. Reason: Oops.
Year 11 Day 62 15:57
He's got a gun! Get down!

No, really, he's got a gun in hand. Thats why he has a weight problem.

hehe, he's got a weight problem, hehe.

EDIT: Oh, I accidently posted as him when I was logged into his account... hehe.

Year 11 Day 62 17:34
Yes, I did have a gun. However, I am still supposedly holding something even when I drop the weapon. That gun was small enough that I could pick it up, in addition to whatever else is using my weight capacity.

If Mr. Avid feels like logging back in again, he check that. Just no more posing as me ;)

Edited By: Jaren Fearsore on Year 11 Day 62 17:35
Year 11 Day 63 3:53
Make sure you reload the whole page after dropping the gun, the stats shown on the position page don't update when reloading the frame.