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Year 11 Day 68 18:39
Can I drop my character if I am not arrested but have been on a ship and held captive for a month and a weeek?Please tell me who to contact about this and also as you can see I have been held just as long as you can before you can drop your character when you are arrested.Also the combine is getting borring because I cannot do anything and I am being held as a captive please help.

Edited By: Revan Brisingr on Year 11 Day 68 18:40
Year 11 Day 68 19:05
You should be able to, so long as you can show that you have tried contacting the owner etc. Send an email to the assistants and they should be able to help you.

Year 11 Day 68 19:07
I have contacted him and he will not let me off of his ship

Year 11 Day 68 19:47
assistants@swc is the e-mail address you want, then.


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Year 11 Day 68 19:59
I just sent a message thanks.I will leave this up just incase anyone elses needs this question answered

Year 11 Day 68 23:13
*Eyes the timestamp of the DM where Revan asked him what to do in this situation.*

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