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Archives » Old account - 'account not activated'
Hello, I have played some time (~2 years?) ago. Now I wanted to start playing again, however I can't recall my account password, nor handle.
I think my handle was 'Til Shaedlaer' as I use it in most games, however I'm not 100% sure as I haven't played for a quite long time...

The problem is, I tried passwords I thought it could be, then I tried the lost password form. It keeps saying 'Account not activated yet.'
Could it have been deactivated somehow because I was not playing long time? How to reactivate then?

I also tried creating new character, but it says 'The handle you have chosen is already taken' if I try 'Til Shaedlaer', and 'The email address you submitted has already been registered previously.' if I try any other name with my email (same that gave 'Account not activated yet' message in lost password form).

Can anyone help me to either get my account back, or free my email so that I can create new account using it?

Thanks in advance.

Did you get above level 1 when you played before? If so your account would have been deleted. Might be best to send your email address to the assistants email address and see if they can give you your account name, or just resend the password or something.

It wouldn't be telling him it was in use if it had been deleted, Ellias.

Thanks for your help. Emailing the assistants helped indeed - appears I just needed password resent to new account I tried to create yesterday - I've never recieved it in the first place.