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Year 11 Day 70 19:33
Xade Smith

What would be the better option, do more people go on one versus the other? or should I just simply use both?

Year 11 Day 70 21:11
Vito Royan

Java for sure. mirc is so damn confusing. Actually to get on it I just google cmg-new and get on new republics IRC from there. [gogglom or some shZt.]



Year 11 Day 70 22:07
mIRC is simple to use. Once you get the hang of it, you tend to feel like an idiot for not figuring something out sooner.

Year 11 Day 70 22:30
They both connect to the same server, so it simply depends on what you want to use. There are other IRC clients out there as well if you don't want to use mIRC.

Year 11 Day 72 15:08
Third option: Trillian. Trillian is a messenger client that works with just about everything out there, including IRC, AIM, MSN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, you name it.


I really like it, personally. Be worth checking out.

Year 11 Day 72 15:48
Another Trillian user, but you must be using 4.0 instead of 3.1 like Kyria. still when Kyria has her mad money she may update to 4.0

Year 11 Day 73 9:55
I'm running 4.1 for free at this point. I can't justify the Pro version financially, but this one seems to be working just fine. The iPhone app costs $5, but the desktop free version is just fine.