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Year 11 Day 71 9:32
Good day

I tried creating an account in October 2006, but failed. The reason given was that my IP address seemed suspicious. I contacted an admin who failed to help me. The problem seemed to be that I would be using my work connection, which does 'suspicious' things. I will be getting a connection at home and would like to register. However, I do have some concerns;

1) If I try to register with the same IP address (work IP) that I attempted to register with would I be rejected again?
2) If I do fail to register with this IP address (work IP) and attempt to register again at home (home IP) with the same personal name and character name would I be flagged?
3) If I successfully register would I be able to play at home (home IP) and work (work IP), or would using two IP addresses for the same account be flagged? And would using an IP address (work IP) that had been rejected flag me?

Mr Eager

Year 11 Day 71 9:55
Apply from work. In the last field that's asking about sharing connection (after how did you hear) put in that you're connecting from work. The appropriate person will look at the application, and set the needed settings to flag you as a multi-account and allow you to play.

If you apply from home and connect at work, you risk being flagged as an illegal multi, which is bad.

Year 11 Day 71 10:01
Ka`rla Leakey

Cant vouch for question 1 or 2, but many of us do not play continuously on the same IP as we registered on. For example we register at home and then play on mobile internet such as 3g dongles or mobile phones, and even MacDonalds wifi hotspots without getting banned.

The main concern is that multiple players do not access the combine from the same IP address.

Year 11 Day 72 0:01
Great stuff, thanks for the info.

Ill register at work and when my home connection is set up try from there - would you reconmend making it known to the 'powers that be' that I would be using both connections?


Year 11 Day 72 2:15
Nah. So long as you do what Hal suggested from work, your home account should be fine. Unless of course there is someone else at your home that plays too. So long as there is only one account being used per IP, you don't have to do anything special if you go onto a new computer.

Year 11 Day 72 7:33
Woho! I have an account and will create a character tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

Year 11 Day 72 9:06
Welcome. Read the Guide, try not to be scared by the Rules, stop in at the New Player Zone and... well, you already know where to come to ask questions. ;)

Oh, and join a faction.


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