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Year 11 Day 72 18:59
how much do CPs matter in this game? like, how powerful can you get in the game with CPs, and can you get as far without?

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Year 11 Day 72 19:11
Xade Smith

well, you can exchange cp's for credits... They can also be exchanged for ships, and vehicles... They can not make you "powerful" except for the fact that you might have a better ship than some people, but someone else is bound to have something better... They are meant to be extra things for the player, rewards almost... Not really a game critical use, except for roleplaying. If you want power though, join a faction.

Year 11 Day 72 20:04
CPs can offer some nice bonuses, but you can't get anything with CPs that you can't get the equivalent with credits, except for custom images and items. So if you want your stuff to look nice, and have some non-functional RP items, then you need CPs. Otherwise, credits will do you fine.

Or to put it another way:
Click the daily banners to earn CPs and promote SWC, but don't rush out to "buy" more CPs with real money because you worry that you'll need them.
(But please feel free to donate if you do have a little extra cash, as this keeps the server running, and so on.)

Year 11 Day 72 22:35
I hardly ever bother with CP's and i'm doing fairly decent - own and lead my own faction, it's healthy, good friends, fun missions. The only reason I use CP's is for custom images.

Year 11 Day 73 6:35
Xade Smith

How do you know that you are bothering them? Ahem mabey your making the CPs all warm and fuzzy inside Drex;)

Year 11 Day 73 8:55
ok, thanks, this answers all my questions.

Year 11 Day 73 8:59
Please don't edit your topic. Other people may have the same question and be able to get an instant answer from your thread if it retains the original title.