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Year 11 Day 74 8:40
First, Thank you for getting this going.

Secondly, will we be given the equation (if it has been worked out) that will tell us how much these crew's will cost?

Also I noticed that the Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle. The AA-9 (Crew of 16) seems to need a larger crew then the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter (Crew of 14). Is this due to droid automation or something else?

Year 11 Day 75 7:03
Jerac, I assume it's due to the entire thing still being a draft with kinks to work out.

Year 11 Day 75 8:44
That is most likely the case. Figured I would poke the Admins and see if I can get an official response :D

Year 11 Day 93 11:24
Excuse me, but where do you see the crew requirements for the JV-7 escort shuttle? I can only find the passenger load of 16. Very curious as this is my type of ship.


Year 11 Day 94 3:15
You can now find the crew requirement for ships writen just under the max passengers secton. On ships only I've found so far.

Year 11 Day 94 4:48
I have just added one crewman to my BFF-1.

This showed up:

1 Year 11 Day 93, 3:47 You have sent 20,000 credits to the Admin with the following message:
Cost of Hiring Crew

Year 11 Day 94 6:38
Indeed. However for the JV-7 there is nothing listed under the max passengers. There are a couple of ships that still don't have the crew requirements listed yet, and I was wondering if anyone knew the value of crew requirement for it. Also, which facility did you get the ship crew member at?


Year 11 Day 94 11:27
Drega Loas

Currently this says "You can not view this page", but if you're in your ships cockpit you can access the crew via the ships interface. It is a button between crewlist and passengers on the bottom left.


Year 11 Day 94 12:14
I'm not currently in my jv-7. But i did check the crew button on the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter that i'm currently in and it says 1/0. crew needed=none. So i'm afraid that I still dont know how many crew my jv-7 will eventually need.


Year 11 Day 94 12:20
Sim Karr

Even if it did say it would still very likely change. It looks like you'll have to wait.

Year 11 Day 94 13:42
Ok. Thank you to everyone for the help. I appreciate your time.


Year 11 Day 94 17:27
Vash, NPCable ships, such as the JV-7 and Sentinel, do not need crew.