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Year 11 Day 75 21:41
Vincent Strife Antaria

Question in reference to this sim news post: Sim News

A few days late but I missed it until someone mentioned it and I went looking.

Are these going to be sticking around? I notice its still on the rules page and the one I own still in my inv, cause I'll cry if I lose it. Seriously. It may not be feasible at this moment but I've been here 8 years, I can wait.


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Year 11 Day 75 22:43
as well as the Assassin Droid, since neither have been used

- Jesfa

Looks like somebody didn't search hard enough.

I blame the lager.

Year 11 Day 75 23:14
Christian Hall

Let him keep it. So you can sell it for serious monaay.

Year 11 Day 76 9:18
Vincent Strife Antaria

I paid serious money to get it and would like to keep it, mainly for RP purposes.

Year 11 Day 79 15:14
Vincent Strife Antaria


I love admins.

How about now?


Year 11 Day 79 16:06
You know you might get a better response e-mailing them, right?


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Year 11 Day 79 16:42
Vincent Strife Antaria

I want the answer to be public knowledge as I'm not the only person owning one of these droids. Having a 'Questions for Admin' forum seems a bit pointless if they never check it or don't feel like finding the answer.

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Year 11 Day 79 17:16
Gunther Innis Tennor

A check was run by Jesfa and only one was seen. Being owned by BK it was deemed as unnecessary to the rules page.

Contact Jesfa to have it reverted.


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Year 11 Day 79 18:23
Think you may have misread "assault" for Assassin, Vince.

Year 11 Day 79 18:26

That'd be my Assumption, the only Assassin droid has been owned by BlackKnight.

Year 11 Day 79 18:53
Vincent Strife Antaria

I know the difference between Assault and Assassin. I was refering to this,

Spoke with Avid so I cleared it up, there was another Assassin droid.

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Year 11 Day 79 20:01
there was another Assassin droid. 

Yoda-esque. hehe.

Year 11 Day 79 20:14
Where are the people with those facepalm images when you need one?

Year 11 Day 80 4:31
Helena Gladio


Year 11 Day 85 16:41


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