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Year 11 Day 80 1:59
Mr. Bromley,

I need to know the answer to the following questions however if I was seen to be asking these questions it would adversely affect an operation I am working on. I have mailed you because I would like you to ask these questions on the SWC forum where I can view the answers. For this service I offer 1-3million credits depending on the success of the operation. I would like to know the answers to the following questions:

Subject A is in a faction and he arrests subject B.

1.) If subject A is kicked from the faction can subject A still execute subject B?

2.) Can the faction release subject B remotely - without having a member on the scene to physically remove the cuffs?

I look forward to finding out the answers.


- "Some random anonymous noob-like person who doesn't know he could've just logged in as a guest and asked."
I'm almost certain the answers are "yes" and "no" respectively, but I'd like a second opinion.

Can I have my 1-3 million credits now?

Year 11 Day 80 2:03
No and No. Execute is linked with the faction, not the arrestee.

Year 11 Day 81 14:47
***Sign in and ask a question please.***

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Year 11 Day 82 3:24
Mr Bromley,
Without sarcasm could you ask;

"Same example; can subject A execute subject b without permission from their faction?"


- "The same anonoymous person who made the above post"
Yes. But the game classifies at as "murder" and makes your force meter go down, but nobody cares about that.

Please send me my friggin' credits now or I'll stop helping you.

Year 11 Day 82 10:41
To all, ask questions please, not speculations.

Edit: because it was asked.

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Year 11 Day 82 13:07

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Year 11 Day 82 19:14
As in the rules, if subject A has the privs to be able to execute someone, and they are in the faction that has subject B arrested, then they can arrest at any time, regardless of whether a warrant for death has been given.

If they don't have Execute privs, then they will not be able to execute regardless of whether there is a warrant or snot.