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Year 11 Day 81 19:50
Piico SaNikto

Obviously I have never tried this, and if it has been discussed please just point me in the right direction.

When you build a wildlife preserve it fills up the entire city grid. From atmosphere or space will this still show up as a city? The reason I ask is that my planet is already too covered up with cities, and I'd like to make it more beautiful. I'm wondering if the wildlife preserve will do this, or will it just show as a city from atmosphere?

Year 11 Day 81 21:04
Alex Tylger

Well, I noticed the Imperial Palace (another 20x20) has a unique icon on the planet map. I think the same should be applied for the reserves, would look great. :D


Year 11 Day 82 3:09
There was a thread I made in the suggestions forum about such a think for all 20x20 facilities. I believe Sin was working on coding them in (and the Imperial Palace may be the result - does the Bomarr Monastary also have a different city image?).

Year 11 Day 82 20:20
Alex Tylger

If it is actually on Tatooine, no.

Year 11 Day 82 23:37
I made the image for it during the dev meeting, it will be implemented along with the new city icons, when and if anybody creates images that work well on the grid and are not terrain specific.

Year 11 Day 83 14:39
Piico SaNikto

When and If

So in other words right now it will show up as a regular city, correct?

Year 11 Day 84 13:50
Probably until Q2, where I believe city redesign is listedon the targets. By then we should have everything needed to make cities look better, including this, and the wildlife preserve if it is wished.

Year 11 Day 85 13:00
Piico SaNikto

Thanks. :)