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Archives » Activating droids/deactivating
Year 11 Day 82 13:55
Whilst looking in the rules section on droids, it mentions three states droids can be in.

"Deactivated: Droids act as empty vehicles or empty items; may be moved like equipment

Activated and Un-Supervised: Droids have tasks set for them and they may travel around doing their task (e.g. Probe droid searching, Protocol droid walking across the desert). When they are un-supervised, they do not effect the player to whom they are assigned, but the player controls them

Activated and Supervised: This means the Player is working together with the droid (e.g. Diplomatic Consultant with their Protocol droid, or Astromech inside a ship). When they are supervised, their Special Function Skills become active and the Player's Statistics may be increased due to the assistance of the droid"

Which i have a few questions about.

First of all, is it fully implemented? as i cannot find anywhere in my inventory, or the view stats screens.

and Secondly, it says when a droid is Activated and Un-Supervised that the "player controls them" is this in the same way as controlling a character?

I'm sorry if this has allready been asked, or is somewhere else, or i've posted in the wrong section, but i've looked through the forums, and i've used the search feature and found nothing at all.



Ulen Orsela
Year 11 Day 82 14:23
Sim Karr

It is not fully implemented yet.

Year 11 Day 82 23:35
Droids currently have no value, aside from RP purposes. Their individual abilities, activation/deactivation, and most everything else about them is on the Soon(TM) list.

Year 11 Day 82 23:40
Except droids with piloting skill, Jevon. Oh, and the LIN mining droids.

Year 11 Day 83 6:52
Totally forgot about them. I stand corrected, 3 droids currently have uses.

Year 11 Day 90 11:53
Ah okay, sorry about then haha.
Shouldn't there be a note in the droid rules page saying that it's not currently implemented, or something like that? Rather confusing.

Year 11 Day 90 18:15
These tell you if its Implamented yet or not.

skill_status_2.gif - Fully Implamented
skill_status_1.gif - Partially Implamented
skill_status_0.gif - Not yet Implamented

Year 11 Day 90 18:17
The big red X's next to them is a big hint.
Red X=not Implomented
Yellow X=Partly implomented
Green X=Fully Functional


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