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Year 11 Day 83 0:25
I just want to ask a few questions as i understand combat isn't yet implemented.

1) I've heard a lot about ''stolen goods'' and people who steal things like ships and items and then resell them, now my question is how is that possible? I mean if i have an undocked ship can anyone steal it? If i have an undocked gun can anyone steal it?

2) What is the Theft and deceive skill used for?

Year 11 Day 83 0:52
1) "Theft" is done via confidence scams, basically. The other party convinces you to send first to them in a trade, and then doesn't send their half. There are a number of ways to avoid it, such as using a reputable middleman to hold both sides so that everyone gets what they want.

2) Installing door locks, at the moment, with other uses pending development.

Year 11 Day 83 1:06
Korvas Varik

Also, a person can work their way up in a faction and items that aren't protected(Havent paid a security fee) and if that person has the proper privs, then they 'make over' the assets(ships, facilities,vehicles,etc) to themselves or someone else.


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