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Year 11 Day 83 12:37
Okay you know how to build facilities you have to build two roads with it, well I am trying to delete roads where I can build the roads with the facilities so it will let me build them but it wont let me delete the roads. In the picture shows where I need to build roads. Red lines = roads that needed to be deleted so I can build roads to the north and south of the facilities. I have tried being on to of the roads, beside, on a non road place beside, everything and was you can see I only have the option to build roads. Any help would be appreciated.

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Year 11 Day 83 12:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You only have the option to build because if you were to remove those red marked roads the facilities they are bordering would have less than two sides covered by roads.

Year 11 Day 83 12:51
Thanks for the help.

Year 11 Day 83 12:57
Sim Karr

Please don't delete the first post as it may be useful to someone else down the road who has the same question.