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Year 11 Day 85 11:26
Gideon Stargazer

Is "crew" a general term or do they need to be specific NPC types?
If so how do we know which types and the required number of each type?

Year 11 Day 87 7:07
NPC crews will be a generic invisible NPC type that you will be able to buy from certain facilities, they are not like current visible NPCs that can follow you around.

Year 11 Day 90 17:44
Is anyone considering NPC crews that were droids?

Year 11 Day 90 20:39
Won't happen Jeeva: droids don't need to be paid and the whole point of crewing ships is to take the credits from struggling factions/freelancers

Year 11 Day 91 1:31
What about the mantinace of the droids though?

Year 11 Day 91 5:30
What is the crew per ship based on?

A JM5000 needs a crew of 4??? while an S40K only needs 2 or even an YT-2400 needs only 1 (even with 8 heavy lasers).
There are more examples, just check out the technology ships list.

I don't get it.

Year 11 Day 91 5:33
That is still being hashed out (with liberal doses of hasheesh by the sounds of it)

Year 11 Day 91 6:11
It is also likely based on the canon sources for those ships which generally say how many people it takes to crew them, as well as how many people it can take in total.

Year 11 Day 91 7:23
Good question.

I think Dengar flew his JM5K alone most the time (or was he 'enhanced'?)

And Han and Chewie could manage by themselves (while the rest sat in the backseat shouting LOL)

I guess there will be much hasheesh required to make it all right. And fair. And stuff.

Maybe in the end it will come down to:

Crew on 'need' basis.
One crew? Just fly, nothing else. Shield/sensors/weapons on auto by the ships computer. Just add crew for optimal results.