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Archives » please close-question answered:D
Year 11 Day 85 16:47
please close

Edited By: Davrob Carall on Year 11 Day 85 18:05
Year 11 Day 85 17:28
Individuals do not own planets. If an individual owns more than 50% of the flats then it will be uncontrolled. In the case of a comet, or other body that is one 1 square, whoever owns the city basically has control.

Be aware that whoever controls the system (or if there's no system control, sector) will still have A/E jurisdiction for the comet if it is uncontrolled (I think. Haven't paid as much attention to the new A/E rules).

Edited By: Hal Breden on Year 11 Day 85 17:28
Year 11 Day 85 17:51
thank you for the infomation mr breden:D

one last question-can i build on it without permission or do i as i suspect need to apply for permission from the faction who has govenment in the sector???

Year 11 Day 85 17:55
If there is no slab already on the comet, then you can lay a slab freely. If there is a slab, then you need permission from the person who owns the slab to construct facilities.

There might also be a hidden slab there, if there appears not to be anything on the Galaxy Map.

Year 11 Day 85 18:05
thank you mr breden

Year 11 Day 85 18:54
Please don't edit/remove your initial post. Someone may have the same question later and be saved the time of asking by seeing your post.