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Year 11 Day 86 5:44
Hello again. ive been asked to transport 20 droids for a client.
From past experiance droids take up a passenger position onboard my ship and i only have a YT-1210 with 6 positions 4 of which are taken up and i dont want to have to take several trips to get them delivered as it will take ages.
I think i remember reading somewhere that droids can act as items or cargo if deactivated or something like that but im unsure of how to do this or even if im confusing them with something else.

I just want to know if its possible or not.

Year 11 Day 86 5:56
Ka`rla Leakey

A droid in its 'just made' state is still in a cargo container. So long as you leave it in the cargo container it will remain purely as cargo and not count as a passenger.

Year 11 Day 86 6:11
ah that makes sence thank you Ka`rla.

Year 11 Day 86 21:42
Yeah - once a droid is removed it no longer counts as cargo, but as a passenger. There is currently no way to deactivate droids either.

Year 11 Day 89 2:08
It would be nice to be able to deactivate droids for transportation, ah was giving a job to transport 15 droids in mah YT-1300 which currently means what should have only taken about 5 days is going to take 3 trips and 20 days