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Year 11 Day 87 2:20
Is there anyway I could find out what a ships cockpit looked like without going into the Cockpit room? I'd like to know because it matter a lot to me what the cockpit looks like and I don't want to spead all my cash on something like a Firespray Class Intercepter or a Tartan Patrol Cruiser just to find out I can't see anyting out the windows.

Year 11 Day 87 7:13
To see a cockpit of a ship, open up a tab and type in this:


xxx is the ship's number, found in the rules pages.

It was suggested that we put cockpits up on the rules pages, this might be implemented in the near future.

Year 11 Day 88 0:07

But I have encountered a problem, I can't see what the Gozanti Cockpit looks like because I get "http 404 not found" Error. A few other ships do this too. Why is this and how do I find out what the Goz looks like on the inside!

Year 11 Day 88 3:35
It's the default cockpit. They haven't made a custom for it yet.

Year 11 Day 88 5:13
Whats the defult cockpit?

Year 11 Day 88 13:42

That's the cockpit all ships and vehicles start off with, until someone creates a new cockpit specifically designed for it.

Year 11 Day 88 22:25
While I'm on it...how do you veiw the Vehicle Cockpit images?

Year 11 Day 88 23:30
Same as the ships, just replace /ships/ with /vehicles/

Year 11 Day 88 23:31
Cool! Thanks!

Arwell, I may as well ask while I'm at it...Is it possiable to place a custom image for the Cockpit of your ship/vehicle, Like you can for an ships image.

Edited By: Srukk Boska on Year 11 Day 89 6:31
Year 11 Day 89 5:44
Upload? No. As for CP customs... I dunno. If Jevon responds again, he'll be the one to ask.

Year 11 Day 89 19:24
At the moment we can't have custom cockpit images. Maybe once custom images become hosted on the SWC site, but thats up to whether the art team want it, and if the coders can put it in.

Year 11 Day 94 17:38
In the future it might be possible. The only difference would be requiring the code to check for a custom image before showing the default much like custom ships work now, just an added field. The art team would like to get into modeling some new cockpits soon, so we hope to not even require custom cockpits. So this could go either way.

Year 11 Day 96 23:49
Today Veynom and I changed the rules pages so that ship cockpit images will now show up beneath the large image of the entity, so everyone can see what the cockpit looks like, and artists will be able to easily pick ships to create cockpits for HINT HINT.