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Year 11 Day 87 18:56
ok. i just wanted to know if upgrades can be made to ships, say if i liked skyhoppers but didnt think they were fast enough could i have one made with twin engines? i know you cant just make up new ships but i dont think upgrading would be the same.
ps, sorry if someone esle asked this. i did look in the past post for the answer and didnt find it and i did ask around the TF forum. thanks for your time

Year 11 Day 87 20:02
Possibly/probab, depending on how badly one of hte devs answered my question about it. I think it will be possible, but most likely there will be some form of restriction based on their current stats.

SO you may be able to add say 10% shield power to your ship say, but not increase it by 100 fold.

Year 11 Day 87 20:51
i would just like to see upgades possible. i think progress is a process. and i figur that if you make a ship fast you would also have to make its weigh less and the same with things like firepower and shields and how many people it can carry. things like that. i mean i would love to see what a tie fighter with an extra engine could do

Year 11 Day 87 22:16
All these R&D questions will most likely be cleared up when R&D gets finalized. Once the admins get it worked up, they'll inform everyone through the Sim News about the when where and how of everything. Just wait.

Year 11 Day 88 10:49
I thought the repair function would allow you to modify vessels? Not so much as adding in another engine, but taking away and altering stats.

Year 11 Day 88 10:53
No, repair just allows you to repair damage to your ship/vehicle/etc.

Year 11 Day 88 11:27
even that would be a step forward

Year 11 Day 89 19:25
Evan, repair is already in - anyone can repair a damaged facility/droid/ship/vehicle, so long as you meet the requirements.

Year 11 Day 90 20:40
i was talking about altering stats

Year 11 Day 90 21:38
Read the posts good sir.

Repair = what it sounds like, and apparently implemented.

R&D (ability to alter stats, create different ships, etc) = Still being figured out and not implemented.

Year 11 Day 91 2:02
Sim Karr

Actually I was told there was a distinction between altering stats (Entity Modification) and R&D (discovering new entities). Either way they are down the road a ways so just be patient like everyone else has been.

Year 11 Day 92 23:20
I found that in the rules section:

R&D Ships - "A player's ability to create new ship designs and advance ship related technologies."

Repairing Ships - "A player's ability to repair ships and upgrade equipment on existing ships. Used to maximize your recycling operations."

Year 11 Day 93 13:35
Good find Miro, I hope I'll be making good use of my repair ships skill sooner than I thought!

Year 11 Day 94 17:26
Sure Bromley, if and when we implement upgrades.

Year 11 Day 95 3:41
Please implement upgrades. It's canon! ;)