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Year 11 Day 91 4:14
Hulak Tord


Year 11 Day 91 4:19
Galactic News Service. The IC news.

Year 11 Day 91 4:20
Sim Karr

GNS = Galactic News System

There are GNS news posts written by players in the combine and there are Flash news posts at the very bottom that highlight events. The purpose is to help provide a central place to find news on the happenings of the combine and is all IC.

Year 11 Day 91 4:39
Hulak Tord

Hm, So how do you "post" on it?

Because on the achievements part of the game,[to my understanding gives you more XP] it says "Post on GNS"


Year 11 Day 91 4:45
By joining a faction and getting those privs. Spamming it will likely get you banned though. =P

Year 11 Day 91 4:48
Hulak Tord

What if i create a faction then merge with another faction and before rejoining i post the news of the factions merging?


Year 11 Day 91 10:08
*sighs* The downside to adding "achievements" to the game.


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Year 11 Day 92 1:30
Johnny Fox

*scratches head* Really...? There are achievements? Wow...I've been playing every day for a pretty decent time now and I have never seen them lol.

Year 11 Day 92 2:16
Korvas Varik

I believe they are recent. Go to manage character and you should see a tab along the top that says Achievements

Year 11 Day 94 17:29
The achievements were added by Veynom as as something for new players to do, get as many as possible. They were implemented during the dev meeting. Go to your character page, and the ability to see your achievements is along the top.

Year 11 Day 98 12:40
there are plenty of other achievements. Why not try to complete those before posting on GNS. You can simply leave a room/building, send a DM, walk outside, or send creds. If you haven’t sent a Dm, you can send one to me, I will not mind.