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Year 11 Day 93 4:54
Helena Gladio

Will this happen?

Year 11 Day 93 5:26
Ka`rla Leakey

Perhaps the tax collectors were on strike this month as darkness forgot to pay them.

Year 11 Day 93 6:09
I didn't know Helena was Dutch!

Year 11 Day 93 9:09
Helena Gladio


Year 11 Day 94 5:50
Dorn Zeke

Could we get some indication of when this may happen, even if it is going to be done manually?

Year 11 Day 94 6:48
Chancy Mandu

funny how no one is complaining that the npc's dont need to be paid yet :P

Year 11 Day 94 6:51
Helena Gladio

Maybe because most people allready paid them before the first of the month....?

Year 11 Day 94 7:46
Dorn Zeke

I'd also like to complain that the hirable NPC population hasn't yet refreshed :p.

Year 11 Day 94 8:23
Helena Gladio

Good point!

I find it disturbing that none of the admins say something about this...?

Year 11 Day 94 8:51
Hmm...I'm guessing it has to do with Feb not having 30 days in the month.

Year 11 Day 94 9:07
Dorn Zeke

Yet it is March 3rd....> 30 days after Jan 31.

Year 11 Day 94 11:16
Hmm...did it not run in Jan as well? I was completely inactive during that month so....

Year 11 Day 94 13:56
Kuro Neko

Maybe the SWC server is running on a PS3?


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Year 11 Day 94 15:35
Dorn Zeke

It ran in January, but broke in the middle of running, so did not complete (factions didn't receive their FI, specialty buildings all made a loss, etc.). They reran it in mid-February to make up for that fact (just the FI piece, not the tax income piece).

Year 11 Day 94 16:29
I'm hoping FI runs tomorrow. Need credits badly.

Year 11 Day 95 4:02
Helena Gladio


Year 11 Day 95 4:33
German beer took their souls!!.

Edited By: Anax Noctru on Year 11 Day 95 4:36
Year 11 Day 95 5:38
No credits in the bank account yet

Year 11 Day 95 6:20
Chancy Mandu

Guess the kids will have to go hungry this month.

poor chancy jnr.

Year 11 Day 95 6:49
Might be an unannounced credit sink

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