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Year 11 Day 95 2:33
Greetings Admin-Team!

I´ve been around the Combine for about 8 years now and never had any issues.

But somehow, recently some items I used to own are now missing in my inventory list. The first time I became suspicious is about 4-6 months ago.
There are also some items I used to own, but now they are only assigned to me and I lost their ownership.

Here´s a short items list of which I´m sure that vanished from my inventory list (ownership):

2 x DL 18
1 x staff
1 x toolbelt
2 x fuel canister

Here´s the list of items which I´m almost sure that I had previously owned them:

1 x stunn cuffs

Here´s a list of itmes which I owned but now they are only assigne to me:

1 x C4-CZN
7 x 5 round powercell
4 x 50 round powercell

The funny thing is, I´ve got also one Relby K23 too MUCH in my inventory. I have always owned only 2 Relbys but my inventory shows 3 of them.

Unfortunately I do not havy any record of an old inventory list of mine, but maybe the admins have.

I would definately appreceat it, if any of the admins could have a look into this matter and restore the old situation.

Many thanks!

Year 11 Day 95 4:42
Davidus Kla

might be an issue of ownership script or the second script being accidentally partially run second time

Year 11 Day 96 14:12
Any chance that I get my items back?

Year 11 Day 97 6:37
Not likely; The item script was a non-reversible script that made items over to people based on the entities they were in. You have to contact the new owners to get them back.