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Archives » Can't Select a Starting Location
Year 6 Day 335 11:22
Marxis Battenlodge

I joined the combine last week, and everytime I try to choose a starting location the screen comes up as a blank blue screen with a start button. What should I do?

Year 6 Day 335 12:26
Ferrick Casant

You can Choose a starting position , i thought it was race dependant 0_o


Year 6 Day 335 12:38
Press the button?


What Jawa's lack in feet they make up for in inches.
Indeed, push the start button and it will hopefully give you the rest of your choices.

If this doesn't work, I would assume you are using an outdated browser, so would suggest you upgrade your version. (Ideally to Firefox, available at

Good luck, let me know if you have any more problems with this!


Year 6 Day 338 11:01
Padal Diansi

I have a similar problem, you see...

I joined a faction, but when I click the START button, it only shows Naboo, since I´m a Nubian.
Nubians can only start in naboo or is this some kinda bug?

Your choice of start locations is limited to your race homeworld (Naboo in your case) and any HQ facilities your faction has.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 340 12:00
SO a logical conclusion would be that your faction doesn't have an HQs? Not that unlikely, I remember SoroSuub's is in an odd place compared to their systems.