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Archives » Enviromental hazard problem (Problem solved)
I'm unconscious in south-western Tatooine and can't wake up. And because it was the hot enviroment, I'm not losing any more health-points and therefore cannot die.
A. Has anyone ever had this problem before, or am I the dumbest person in the galaxy?
B. Is there a way out?

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Year 11 Day 104 12:57
There is a way out, beg your boss to come save you.

edit: Its not smart, but it has been happening frequently lately, so you are not the only one.

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Year 11 Day 104 13:01
Diabolus`ut Persolvo
Diabolus`ut Persolvo
or Dm a medical faction if you can afford to pay someone to rescue you.


Year 11 Day 104 13:13
It's what I figured considering they don't give enough money to be a freelance (relative to the current economy)
And, no, I cannot afford a medical faction, but I can work for one. Any offers?

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Year 11 Day 108 12:13
Thanks for the advice. I was able to secure healing by joining a medical faction.

Year 11 Day 108 18:00
another tip- when you are finished with a forum post, click edit under your first post. change the very top thing( i have have changed mine) to CLOSE, or something like that. :)

Year 11 Day 108 19:00
Do NOT do what Janos Bell is describing in the Question Centre, or you will get bitterly complained at.

A record of previous questions in the Question Centre allows future Questioners with the same issue to get a response immediately, rather than having to post and wait for someone to respond. It saves them time, and it saves the time of those of us replying, as well.

You may, and should, label threads to close in areas such as the Commerce forums of the RPG Centre.


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Instead of changing the initial post to "Closed", maybe add "Solution Found" (like ah did above)