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Year 11 Day 107 1:03
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Can someone explain how the R&D pool will work?

Are factions that have been spending a fortune on buying restricted tech and ex-CP stuff wasting their money if the pool will be available to all (factions)?

Year 11 Day 107 1:44
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
I think the general idea that every entity will be in a research pool. If a researcher has access to a functional version of what they are researching then it is hoped that will help reduce research difficulty or time. This is why factions are buying what they can.

Year 11 Day 107 1:47
The R&D pool is just the entities that will be available for anyone that meets the requirement to research. This includes all the currently available entities.

As for wasting their money that depends. Depending on how reverse engineering works (if at all) it may be beneficial to have the actual ship so you can get the DC from it. Or they could just be getting it because they like the entity. Heck, some people have way too much money and just throw it at rare entities because there is not that much else for them to spend it on.

Year 11 Day 107 3:29
Heck, some people have way too much money and just throw it at rare entities because there is not that much else for them to spend it on.

- "Ellias"
I wish I was one of 'em...

But it's not just players, factions (especially governments) are often very rich and have all their ships and facilities wallpapered with credits. Sort of like how after WWII Germany's currency was literally worthless, so people used it for wallpaper in their homes.

Year 11 Day 107 8:42
What you can research is supposed to be based on what you have available. So you can't start from nothing and whip up an X-wing in a couple of months.

Reverse engineering has been widely speculated, but not confirmed. It would be an interesting way to close some of the R&D gaps, but will hopefully be costly and difficult if implemented at all.


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Year 11 Day 107 11:53
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
So it wont be anything like this(?):

Research facility --> Cockpit --> Actions --> Research (then a drop down menu of what you can start to research, obviously item faction wont be researching ships).

A bit like factory production, I guess.

Will this be the whole entity or will components be possible, maybe tweaking hyperdrive performance for example?

Year 11 Day 107 16:13
Performance modifiers will be grouped mostly with the upgrades - an entirely different topic in this case.

The R&D pool will have all of the CP/rare items in it, but the question is if you can get to them. Reverse engineering would be the fastest way to get to an MC-80, but for a YT-1210 it may just be better to try and R&D instead of reverse engineer due to the possibility of failure (suggested, not certain). I would think it depends on the entity in question.

Year 11 Day 109 15:07
"The R&D pool is just the entities that will be availible for anyone that meets the requirement to research"

Could you tell more what type of requirements that might be?

Year 11 Day 109 16:26
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
It is still in the talk stage but two definite requirements will be faction type and DC. Everything else is still speculation at this point.

Year 11 Day 110 10:31
Thank you for answer.

From your answer; which faction types will get best or most DCs in their research pool?

Year 11 Day 110 11:11
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Production factions

Year 11 Day 111 1:19
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I think he hoped to get a slightly more specific answer.

Obviously you shouldn't expect an items producer to come up with a ship DC, but will everyone of the same faction type have access to the same size pool? Or will it be like now, where older ship factions have long lists of DCs while the newer ones only have the escape pod DC?

How will R&D facilities be used? Will it be big facilities for big entities (like ships) and small facilities for smaller things like weapons/items, or will the size of the facility affect the speed of research instead?

Year 11 Day 111 1:41
I was happy with that answer, thanks.

Year 11 Day 111 8:46
The R&D tree is the R&D tree. There is no part of it that will be shut off from anyone else (except possibly the more powerful ones which its been rumored that only the first few factions will get the DC). Having a DC currently just means that you can start off, higher up the tree, on different branches.

I think there was talk about giving all ship factions a generic ship DC so they have a starting point to R&D from - same with other faction types I would guess.