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Year 11 Day 109 4:41
I wonder how and when this will go operational?

Right now I am a proud owner of a Barloz-class Freighter that says it needs Crew Requirement: 3. My question is this. I wonder if x2 NPC Fighter/Freighter pilots is sufficient for me if I count as crew onboard it as assigned Pilot in the future?

I also got a RX Pilot droid would this helper do as "NPC" crew as well?

O`va Nav
The busy BrainBug

Edited By: O`va Nav on Year 11 Day 109 4:42
Year 11 Day 109 6:23
There is a big thread about it in the suggestions forum. At the moment, nothing is absolutely concrete, so anything would likely be guessing. It was hinted that any players on board would count as crew . Droids weren't on the crew list though I think.

Year 11 Day 109 20:16
Thank you Ellias for trying to help out I will try find the thread about the NPC discussion.

O`va Nav
The BrainBug