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Year 11 Day 110 1:33
Micah Rose
Micah Rose
Okay so i have the wounded person in my party, and am equipped with two bacta patches..somehow though it wont recognize the person in my party and i cannot apply it on him? Hes in the same room as me, and hes in my party? Hes unconscious too, hp of -1? Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you!

Year 11 Day 110 2:33
If somebody is unconscious you have to have a bacta tank to revive him. Other items such as those bacta patches only work on conscious characters. Bacta tanks have to be deployed in a medical room which further complicates the process. If you don't have the proper medical equipment and access to a medical room, it's best to get a medical faction to revive him.

I recommend Republic Medical. It only cost me 100,000 credits to have my buddy revived. Although my plan is to stock up on bacta and get some bacta tanks to stock up my sprint so that I can treat them myself next time. Of course, I'm going to buy all that stuff from Republic Medical.

Year 11 Day 110 2:43
Micah Rose
Micah Rose
thank you so much for the reply!

Year 11 Day 110 3:37
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Advertising much Phillip?

Year 11 Day 110 3:38
Glad I could help Micah!

No Sim, only the Mozilla Foundation pays me to advertise (Firefox). I was just recommending Republic Medical's services since they're a good faction.

Year 11 Day 110 4:20
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Right, keep it in the commerce/traders section.

Year 11 Day 110 5:06
Deleted Post
Deleted by Davrob Carall. Reason: ok,sorry sim-did not know about the other thread
Year 11 Day 110 5:09
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Your friend has already started a thread regarding such: