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Archives » Debug: Not on planet or in a room
After falling unconcious I was taken by a friend (Davrob Carall) in his party and inside his ship. But now I can't seem to heal, or be seen by him...

Heck it seems I may not even be in the ship. The message I can see in the location area is -> Debug: Not on planet or in a room

If I click on Position under Control I arrive in the normal position screen except there is nothing writen then. Not a thing except for the Area in the personal Data Assistant where I can see my speed and weight capability. Of course I can't click on Travel, Items or anything as thoses are not shown either. Even If i try to click in the area they should be in nothing happen.

I'm still in a uncouncious state at -1/27 and of course noboby can heal me as I'm invisible and nowhere in space...

Are you in a bacta tank? bugbase it please, the position screen might be unable to show them.

Year 11 Day 114 15:37
No that's not it. I was uncouncious and in a party. Davrob Carall took the unconcious me with him in the cockpit of the ship. I think at that moment he took me out of the party and started to travel. Since then I disapeared. He can't see me and I can't do anything. There is no hint I am in the ship...

Here are the last logs.

1 Year 11 Day 107, 10:16 You have successfully upgraded your Strength skill to 1 for 1 points. Your HP has increased to 27 (+1 HP).
2 Year 11 Day 103, 19:30 Your character exited hyperspace at (19, 0) in deep space (156, 398).
3 Year 11 Day 103, 19:30 You gained 1 XP with the following message : Travelling in hyperspace
4 Year 11 Day 103, 8:07 Davrob Carall and all their NPCs, Droids & Creatures have left your party.
5 Year 11 Day 103, 8:07 Davrob Carall has disbanded the party you were a member of.
6 Year 11 Day 103, 8:07 You entered the Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle [BCS] Wrath of Anubis.
7 Year 11 Day 103, 7:10 You are now unconscious !
8 Year 11 Day 103, 6:52 You have added Builder NPC Vinjera Nabeshin (ID: 654630), Worker NPC Luna Kolzaar (ID: 827264), and the R3 Series Davrob's R3 Unit (ID: 49723) to the party you are a member of.
9 Year 11 Day 103, 6:51 Davrob Carall has joined your party.

Year 11 Day 114 19:57

Can you please DM me the ship ID # so I can teleport you.

ID# 172492
Name: [BCS] Wrath of Anubis